Your Brand. Your Donation Experience.

Your nonprofit's brand is more than just a logo dropped in a template. It is a story within the context of the donation experience. It is content, design, and user experience combined. Giving Impactâ„¢ empowers you to showcase your brand, not ours.

Developer Freedom: Your Code. Your Website.

Our Fundraising API and services integrate directly with your website/app for a fully customizable solution. There's no template wrangling, no tables for layouts, and no styles to overwrite. Integration the way you want it.

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How Giving Impact™ Works

Our API is the core of our tools, faciliting access to campaign and donation data/features between the dashboard, checkout pages, and your websites and apps.

This is online fundraising, your way.

The Dashboard

Create and manage your campaigns. Monitor campaign momentum. Access and export detailed donation and donor data.

Empower Your Website With Our API

We offer a refreshingly simple and flexible API.

Access campaign data and features and integrate them into your websites and apps according to your specifications. Style these data and calls to action according to your campaign branding guidelines, not ours.