Giving Impact: The Open Source Toolkit for Fundraising with Stripe

On August 1st, 2015 Giving Impact closed it’s doors as a software as service offering and has begun a transformation to become open source. Our full featured dashboard, API, and tested experience in creating a foundation to build your own fundraising platform on top of Stripe’s fantastic payment processing technology will be available for you install, host, modify, and contribute to as you’d like.

We look forward to sharing updates as we go and ultimately letting you know when the software is available publicly for you to use.

What is Giving Impact?

Giving Impact is an online fundraising software toolkit designed to provide robust online online fundraising capabilities powered by Stripe’s fantastic payment platform. The solution includes…

Flexibility to create and test unique online fundraising campaigns and donation forms. Many nonprofits are ready to move beyond third-party hosted solutions which offer limited design templates for their campaigns. To do this, however, they want tools and technology that are easy to implement with their existing CMS and that are affordable .

An easy way to monitor and gauge success of online fundraising campaigns. Integrated, easy-to-use dashboards are now expected because managers must be able to report out on metrics, insights and ROI.

A solid API. Web Developers, whether in-house or outsourced, will find a solid API to assist with integration.

A stable, trustworthy processing platform. Uniquely uses Stripe, a stable platform for payment processing.