Your Online Fundraising Platform

When you have tried other hosted online fundraising platforms and are ready to develop your own, consider Giving Impact™. Let us help you jumpstart and support the development of your own online fundraising platform to power your giving opportunities.

Online Fundraising for Stripe

We enhance's fantastic payment processing platform with a powerful Dashboard and API designed for online fundraising to allow you to jumpstart the creation of your own platform. Whether you want a simple integrated fundraising landing page or a robust peer to peer campaign, Giving Impact helps you develop your solution faster.

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How Giving Impact™ Works

Our API is the core of our tools, faciliting access to campaign and donation data/features between the dashboard, checkout pages, and your websites and apps.

This is online fundraising, your way.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is our easy to use control center for your online fundraising initiatives.

  • Monitor your campaign activity
  • Enable and configure automated donation receipts
  • Record "offline" donations
  • Edit donations
  • Export your donor and donation data
  • ...So much more

Empower Your Website With Our API

We offer a refreshingly simple and flexible API.

Access campaign data and features and integrate them into your websites and apps according to your specifications. Style these data and calls to action according to your campaign branding guidelines, not ours.

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