Campaign Fields are Live

We are excited to share that our new feature, Campaign Fields, is live. Campaign Fields provide an opportunity for you to collect and store custom data when creating Giving Opportunities. Want to know who is creating a team or advocate fundraising page? What to know their favorite color? Campaign Fields can help gather these data and more.

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Campaign Fields are Live

Last week we shared a preview of the new Campaign Fields feature showcasing how it empowers you to set up custom form elements to capture additional data when creating Giving Opportunities. These fields can be created and edited through the API or through the Dashboard. Data collected can also be access and updated through the API or the Dashboard offering fantastic flexibility.

This feature was driven by a practical need to know more about the Giving Opportunity when it is being created. Whether the Giving Opportunity is being used to represent a team or an individual advocate fundraising page, Campaign Fields can help collect data ranging from the practical to the more strategically creative. Here are a few ideas of information you might collect to get you thinking.

  • Name of Team Leader
  • Email of Team Leader
  • How the supporter heard about the campaign: Email, Web, Call, …
  • Latitude and Longitude Geodata to be able to generate your own maps with
  • Maybe you have multiple forms on various web destinations for creating giving opportunities and you want to record the source

We have updated our documentation and all is available for you to learn more. That said, we certainly welcome and encourage questions and comments whether through the comments below, Twitter, or email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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As always we look forward to seeing what these new features will empower you to craft.

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