What's New: Hosted Checkout Design, Refunds and Lead Supporters for Opportunities

We’ve rolled out a great collection of new features to further enhancing the donor experience and your ability to manage and build creative campaigns.

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What's New: Hosted Checkout Design, Refunds and Lead Supporters for Opportunities

We’re kicking off 2015 with a collection of improvements to Giving Impact™. These features include a new visual design to our hosted checkout pages, the ability to issue a refund directly from the Dashboard, and the ability to directly associate a Supporter with a Giving Opportunity as a lead supporter to enhance your team or advocate driven campaigns.

Improving our Hosted Checkout Design

You can create your own custom checkout designs using our API; however, for many campaigns a link to our hosted checkout page is all that is needed. It is no small task to try and create a great design solution that maintains a white-label sensibility to them.

We are very excited about the solution we came up. We think the added style will continue to ease supporters through the checkout process and make your organization shine.

Issue a Stripe Refund Directly From the Dashboard

Refunding a donation is now so much easier. On each donation record, you can now find the Stripe transaction and can issue a refund with a click of a button. When a refund is issued, all related campaign data is automatically updated including your donation totals. This allows you to keep an accurate tally of your fundraising efforts.

Create More Impactful Advocate and Team-Based Fundraising Campaigns

In our last major update we released Supporters, a way to get to know your donors better. Now you can easily designate or add Lead Supporters to your Giving Opportunities via the Dashboard or API.

Here are some key highlights:

  • Relate one or more Supporters to a Giving Opportunity via the API or through the Dashboard
  • On the supporter detail page, see all the Opportunities he/she has been related to
  • Get a list of all the Opportunities a Supporter is related to simply by passing an email address to a new API parameter - View In API Docs
  • Any Opportunity data returned by the API will include the Supporters that are related to it - View In API Docs

Unleashing your Fundraising Creativity

So let’s say you want to create a team or advocate driven campaign website.

Integrate Giving Impact with your CMS or other member driven system where when an authenticated user on your site creates their team or advocate page (Giving Opportunity) they can be directly associated with it using this new Supporter feature.

Being able to directly connect a Supporter via email to her/his Giving Opportunities is very powerful. This can help facilitate your offering unique dashboards for team members to track their campaign progress, allow your site members to edit their Giving Opportunities directly through your site, and/or have a dashboard where she/he can see all of their team or advocate campaigns they have been a part of with your organization over the years.

The unique connection between the members in your CMS, CRM, and/or Member Management system and the Giving Opportunities they are fundraising for you with is a powerful combination to drive your Giving Impact powered fundraising platform.

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