​What's New: International Support

We have expanded our solution to allow support for numerous countries and currencies.

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​What's New: International Support

We are thrilled to announce that Giving Impact now supports charities/nonprofits from multiple countries and allows each account at signup to select a supported currency.

Giving Impact can now be used by charities in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to name a few. Accounts in these countries can select their desired currency at signup from the list of those supported by Stripe for their country. For example a charity in the UK can choose GBP, EUR, or USD.

This is a huge update and is supported by Stripe’s growing global support and features.

For a list of supported countries, please refer to Stripe’s documentation.

The following are a list of key features and changes to support this exciting update:

  • Giving Impact currently only supports one currency per account. That currency is selected at signup and cannot be changed. To support more than one currency, additional accounts would need to be used.
  • The Dashboard and Hosted Checkout have been updated to support the currency that has been selected for the account.
  • For all money related data returned in the API, currency information is included. Also, all money fields are now integers storing data in cents which impacts both posted data and returned data. Please see our updated API documentation for details.
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