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We are really excited to announce Giving Impact™ webhooks. Webhooks complete an important integration loop. You can initiate communication with us via the API and now we can initiate communication to your website/app through a hook.

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Giving Opportunity Export and Dashboard Enhancements

Announcing two enhancements to Giving Opportunity management in the Dashboard. You can now export a list to CSV and manage active/inactive Giving Opportunities.

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Specifying Donation Amount in Custom Checkouts

Last week we released a small update to our custom checkout API that streamlines and offers additional flexibility to how you can define the donation amount. There are three ways now at your disposal. The third is my favorite!

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Custom Checkout

When we first envisioned Giving Impactâ„¢we wanted to deliver a technology that a donor would never know was employed. In other words, their experience would be solely with the campaign and organization running it. At no point would the donor be taking to another URL, service, or destination. Today we are announcing the availability of our Custom Checkout feature, that brings this vision to fruition.

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Campaign Fields are Live

We are excited to share that our new feature, Campaign Fields, is live. Campaign Fields provide an opportunity for you to collect and store custom data when creating Giving Opportunities. Want to know who is creating a team or advocate fundraising page? What to know their favorite color? Campaign Fields can help gather these data and more.

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