Giving Impactâ„¢ is crafted to let web designers and developers create fully branded and integrated online fundraising solutions that are bounded only by the creative vision of the team that employs it. It is designed to liberate your online fundraising. We’ve built Giving Impact to be a lightweight, easy to learn, and easy to employ solution that marries a great management Dashboard with a powerful data and feature set.

Get creative and start crafting engaging online donation experiences.

Who’s it For

Giving Impact is for organizations/charities whom are creating or planning to creating unique online fundraising campaigns and that value putting their story and their brand first. We do not provide templates or hosted fundraising pages. There are a hundreds of platforms that do this. This requires design and development resources whom can leverage the power of APIs to integrate and transform data to build wonderful things.

Technology Specs

Giving Impact is platform independent, providing data in JSON format and can be consumed by any scripting or programming language. Our hosted features including the Dashboard, checkout pages, and share pages are all responsively coded supporting mobile web users.

Last Modified: December 1st, 2013