Campaign: Basics

Basic Settings

The following details key options for basic campaign settings. These settings impact the hosted donation page as well as data available through the API for your website integrations.

Essential Fields

Field Options Description
Campaign Name Name of your campaign
Donation Target Funding amount you are striving to achieve
Minimum Donation Amount The default is $5; however, you have the flexibility to require a minimum of $10, $15, or whatever value you define. Any donation that does not match this minimum amount will result in a validation error message.
Description Brief plea/description about the campaign.
Donation Options Open Input or Levels You can choose to simply have a text input for donors to specify any amount above the minimun they would like or you can define specific donation levels to choose from.
Campaign Type Single or Multiple Giving Opportunities Define whether this campaign offers a single Giving Opportunity or if you want to support Multiple Giving Opportunities to allow for campaign teams, advocates, and/or groups.
Campaign Status Active or Inactive Active campaigns allow for donations to be made. Inactive campaigns are “closed” for donations.

Additional Options

These fields are optional though are designed to allow you to enhance the presentation and impact of your donation page as well as in social sharing.

Field Options Description
Campaign Image An image to showcase the campaign
YouTube Video URL A YouTube video to showcase the campaign
Twitter Hash Tag A hashtag added the default tweet copy when using the Giving Impact share capabilities.

Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015