Getting to Know Campaign Types

Single or Multiple Giving Opportunties

Giving Impact allows you to set up multiple campaigns to track different fundraising opportunities at the same time. Each campaign is a container to allow you have unique settings and track specific donations. In addition, when you set up your campaign you decide whether you want:

  • a single Giving Opportunity;
  • or multiple Giving Opportunities.

A single Giving Opportunity is used when all money donated can simply be tracked as being submitted to this sole campaign. A campaign with multiple Giving Opportunities can be used to support teams, advocates, or other such groups of individuals. This offers unique opportunities to organize and facilitate all sorts of campaigns.

More About Campaigns with Multiple Giving Opportunities

The following are some key details and features to help you get to know the power and possibilities of these types of campaigns.

Parent/Child Relationship

Giving Opportunities are designed to have certain data/features that are unique to each alongside some data/feature it inherits from the parent campaign. Please bear in mind that the following is most important when you are using our hosted donation processing pages; however, through use of our API your implementation may vary.

Unique Elements Inherited Elements
Name Donation Minimum
Description Donation Type (Open Input/Donation Levels)
Donation Target Custom Fields
Image Donation Receipt
YouTube Video
Status (Active/Inactive)

Data and Reports for Campaigns with Multiple Giving Opportunities

We take a common sense approach to data organization in these types of campaigns.

  • When Viewing the Campaign you are seeing an aggregate of all donation and share data across all of the Giving Opportunities contained within. This applies to exported donation logs as well as donation API methods.
  • When Viewing a Specific Giving Opportunity - you are seeing donation and share data unique to the specific Giving Opportunity. This applies to exported donation logs as well as donation API methods.

Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015