CMS: Statamic

An open source Statamic plugin and boilerplate theme to provide robust interaction with Giving Impact’s API.

Statamic Integration

Integration with CMS platforms to streamline integration of Giving Impact leads to even more cost effective yet fully customizable donation experiences. Statamic is uniquely suited to allow us to offer not only an open source plugin but also a complete working starter theme.

The combination of a plugin to facilitate API communication and a theme empowers Statamic developers to setup a working peer to peer fundraising campaign boilerplate in minutes.

The screencast below showcases the quick install process and offers a thorough walkthrough of the theme and how it is designed to work with both Statamic and Giving Impact.

Plugin and Theme Install & Walkthrough

Plugin and Theme Links and Features


Available on Github

Key details:

  • Giving Impact API communication and return data fully employed using Statamic theming tags.
  • Form with validation for Custom Checkout - Sample code provided
  • Form with validation for Giving Opportunity creation (teams, advocate pages, ….) - Sample code provided
  • Hooks to tap into form processing


A Statamic starter theme to help jumpstart getting to know and creatively utilizing Giving Impact to create custom online fundraising solutions. The theme is designed to deliver a team or peer to peer fundraiser and to showcase the power of Giving Impact’s dashboard, API, use of, and Statamic.

Available on Github

Key details:

  • Custom donation checkout pages for the Campaign as a whole and each Giving Opportunity
  • Checkout and Giving Opportunity forms leverage notable controls provided in the Giving Impact dashboard including custom fields and a wide assortment of campaign customizations.
  • Custom thank you pages
  • Showcases the possibilities to use realtime donor and team data and metrics to express momentum
  • Integration with Statamic member capabilities to connect site users to the “teams” they create

Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015