Campaign: Donation Options

Donation Options

When creating or editing your campaigns there is a set of Donation Options including the ability to define donation levels for your supporters to choose from. Each donation level includes an amount as well as an optional description.

You can add your donation levels when you first create your campaign (in the Donation Options section of the new campaign page), or You can add them by editing an already existing campaign.

Donation level setup screen

Donation Levels on Hosted Checkout Page

Your customized levels are displayed along with an “Other amount” option for supporters to choose from.

Donation level setup screen

Access Donation Level Data

It’s your data, so level descriptions have been included as part of exported campaign donation logs. For every supporter that selects one of your defined levels, his/her donation log record will include the description for that level to allow you to track and analyze activity.

Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015