Donation Receipts

When you create or edit your campaigns simply switch on and customize your donation e-mail receipts.

About Donation Receipts

We do our part by including your account logo, name of the donor, donation amount, and campaign name.

You can then customize the following for each campaign:

  • Organization Name and Address
  • Reply To Address – Specify the email address that a donor can reply to.
  • BCC Address – Specify an optional email address to receive a copy of the email receipt.
  • Receipt Body – Enter the copy for your receipt including any campaign specific thanks, formal organizational info for tax purposes, and/or signature.

Email Receipt Setup Form

How will the receipt look in an email?

Along with a clean and attractively simple HTML email, we include a link for a recipient to view their receipt in a web browser and we also send a text only version for those who cannot receive an HTML one.


Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015