Getting to Know Donations

The Donation Object

Donations are a key data object that includes a wealth of critical information about each donation. Donation data can be accessed in a variety of ways including the following.

  • Dashboard - Donation tab for both Campaigns and their Giving Opportunities
  • Dashboard - Donation log export. Export complete donation records for an entire campaign or specific Giving Opportunities to a CSV file.
  • API - Access donation data for Campaigns or Giving Opportunities

Online Donations

Donations made online store a log of critical information including the donor name, address, email (unless donor opts out of wanting follow-up communications), donation amount and any unique data from your campaign configuration such as the donation level selected and any data entered in custom fields.

Offline Donations

Sometimes a donor just wants to give you cash or a check. You can record these “offline” donations manually through the Dashboard (or through custom integrations with API) to allow you track them alongside your online donations allowing for a complete record and accurate representation of funds raised and campaign momentum.

Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015