Google Analytics

About Google Analytics Integration

Giving Impact provides a wide range of information related to donation activity within the Dashboard In addition, we offer the ability to easily integrate your donation activity within an existing Google Analytics profile for our hosted checkout. To set this up simply add the UA Tracking Number from the existing Google Analytics profile to the Design & Communication Setting of your campaign.

Google Analytics Profile ID

Ecommerce Overview

Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking is employed in our hosted checkout solution. Custom Checkout requires a dev to employ tracking independently.

The Ecommerce Overview area give you a quick look into a variety of insights for your overall donation activity made through. Below is a quick explanation of what the various data points mean in the context of your Giving Impact activity.


  • Open Donation: This is the activity related to any campaign setup to have an “open” or user-defined donation amount.
  • Level Donation: This is the activity related to any campaign setup to have predefined giving levels. Additional or other donation amounts made in connection with a pre-determined donation amount are defined as an Open Donation product.

Product SKU

This provides a breakdown of activity group by campaign

Product Category

This groups activity according the the individual type of donation form across all campaigns. For example, if there are multiple Campaigns with different Giving giving levels defined each giving level (plus any open donations) will be displayed in this area.


As the transaction pages are typically accessed from within the site this will typically be “direct/link”

Product Performance

This area displays similar information to the overview area. The main difference is the ability to add additional dimensions to your results. For example, you could add the dimension of Mobile (Including Table) and get a sense of if any activity happened via mobile devices.

Product Performance

Sales Performance

Groups activity across all campaigns by date. This area can be particularly powerful if you use in combinations with other features such as Annotations to compare against other important activity such as when an email communication was sent out or when a story was promoted on the home page.


Straightforward listing of activity by individual transactions.

Time to Purchase

Limited value in relation to Giving Impact activity given the nature of interactions that leads to a donation being captured as part of Ecommerce activity. Activity is captured once a person has arrived at the donation form. At that point they are generally ready to complete the action so days to transaction will generally be “0”.

Last Modified: December 3rd, 2015